Contest Application Form

Please fill out the form below to enter our annual PSA contest.

  • Use this space to explain if this application is from a youth group or non-traditional school environment
  • All electronic files should be saved as follows: Full Name_School_Category.filetype – e.g. Smith_ParkSchool_30-secVideo.mp4
  • By submitting the enclosed public service announcement to the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide (SPTS), I understand that I am turning over the rights to the video, audio, and/or image(s) to SPTS. Further, I understand that SPTS may take my submission and place it on their website or partner’s websites, submit it to television and/or radio for broadcast, and/or may reproduce it in some form as a public service campaign. SPTS will acknowledge my contribution whenever possible. SPTS will not use my creative work to generate any revenue without my expressed written permission. By signing, I acknowledge that I am submitting the attached PSA on behalf of myself and any other students with whom I have worked. I certify that the work is entirely that of my own and/or my creative partners. I certify that I followed all of the rules of submission. I am aware that an email will be sent to the student, parent/guardian, as well as a letter to the school informing me of the status of the submission. SPTS may contact me if they have any questions regarding my submission. SPTS will not contact the student directly without also addressing the parent or guardian. In order for this submission to be valid, we need all three signatures; student, parent or guardian, and mentor. By signing, I acknowledge that I have read the rules for submission and have adhered to such rules. I am aware that not adhering to these rules will mean that my submission will not be accepted.
  • I certify that I have reviewed the enclosed submission and approve the content.
  • I am aware that my child is submitting an application for this contest and that any email correspondence regarding this contest will be directed to both my child and me.